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KADİM AR&GE MAKİNA is a company operating in the field of metal machining and machinery manufacturing. Our expertise in metal machining enables us to deliver high-quality products to our customers.

Our metal machining operations are designed to meet various industrial needs of our customers. Thanks to our high-precision CNC machining centers, lathes, and other metal machining equipment, we are able to produce metal parts in the shape, size, and quality desired by our customers.

Precision in Metal Machining and Machinery

In the field of machinery manufacturing, we specialize in portable line boring and welding machines. Our customers trust us for the products manufactured in compliance with industry-leading quality standards. Our products are durable, easy to use, and enhance the efficiency of our customers' operations.

KADİM AR&GE MAKİNA places great importance on customer satisfaction. In our metal machining and machinery manufacturing services, we collaborate closely with our customers to provide tailored solutions to meet their needs. Additionally, we have a customer support team available to provide detailed information about our products to our customers.

Thanks to years of experience and expertise in the industry, KADİM AR&GE MAKİNA offers the highest quality service to our customers. Our products have made a mark in the field of metal machining and machinery manufacturing. We are dedicated to always delivering the best for our customers and welcome anyone seeking more information about our products to reach out to us.

Featured Products

Portable Line Boring

DL40, DL50, DL60

Hazelnut Guillotine


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