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Line Boring Machine


DL40-230 model is our smallest line boring machine. Its light and portable design eases maintenance and repair operations in various narrow spaces.

Technical Specs | Advantages

Specifications and Benefits

  • Spindle Diameter: 40 x 2500
  • Internal Processing: 42 x 400 mm
  • Internal Welding: 45 x 400 mm
  • Stroke: 230 mm
  • Spindle Output Speed: 220 RPM/min
  • Motor Type: Servo Motor
  • Control: NC Operator Panel
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Voltage: 220v / 240v
  • Quick and easy setup, allowing an operator to easily assemble due to its small size and light weight.
  • Reduces repair costs by being portable, enabling on-site repairs without the need for a workshop.
  • Decreases working time by completing tasks faster than similar machines, thanks to its high torque power.
  • Lowers maintenance and repair expenses due to its cost-effectiveness, reducing the overall cost of maintenance and repairs quickly.
  • Safety control system: Equipped with an emergency stop button to halt the system in case of any operational issues, ensuring a safer working environment.
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